Recoverite Insulated Carry Bag

Recoverite Insulated Carry Bag

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Already purchased the Recoverite compression leggings and the ClayFlex™ gel packs? Add to your workout recovery attire set with the Recoverite Insulated Carry Bag.

This insulated bag works effectively to retain the temperature of your ClayFlex™ gel packs. Whether you need your gel packs hot or cold, they can stay intact with this premium quality insulated bag.

It is vital to maintain these gel packs' temperature to leverage the maximum benefits of this technology. Your gel packs can lose their temperature without suitable insulation and be rendered ineffective during/post-workout. Therefore, maintain the temperature of your gel packs on the go with this small insulated carry bag.

The ClayFlex™ Ice/Heat Packs help accelerate your muscular recovery post a strenuous workout as they can be placed in any of the eight strategically placed pockets of your Recoverite Compression Leggings.

Note: The ClayFlex™ Ice/Heat Packs are sold separately.


  • Made with a premium insulating material, this insulated carry bag is the best option for preserving your gel packs' temperature.
  • The insulated carry bag with a zipper can easily contain your ClayFlex™ Ice/Heat Packs and is lightweight to carry.
  • The Recoverite black insulated carry bag can be brought individually or purchased as a Recoverite Performance Pack component.
  • This multi-utility insulated carry bag can keep your gel packs hot/cold for up to 4 hours.


  • Recoverite insulated bag is lightweight and easy to carry to your gym, sports complex, running ground, or home.
  • It has a handle that can be easily gripped and carried even when you walk a long distance.
  • The Recoverite insulated bag is not only useful but also stylish and can be used by both men as well as women.
  • Don't wait till you reach home for your therapy, recover-as-you-go! Use the insulated bag to retain the temperature of your gel packs.
  • The Recoverite insulation bag helps keep your iced gel pack - cool and your hot gel pack - really warm. This can be used on the spot to treat any muscular trauma or injury you might encounter.
  • Easily secure the Recoverite insulated bag with the easy-to-use zipper that keeps your gel packs intact.


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