Recoverite Zip On Calf Compression Sleeves
Recoverite Zip On Calf Compression Sleeves
Product description zip calf compression sleeves

Recoverite Zip On Calf Compression Sleeves

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Recoverite Zip On Calf Compression Sleeves composed of 68% nylon and 32% spandex are the best compression sleeves for knees and calves. 

If you wonder how compression sleeves work, here is how: These revolutionary compression sleeves are made up of a top-quality compression fabric that aids the recovery process for your sore muscles.

These sleeves maximize health benefits and are the best Compression sleeves lower leg can ask for. You can wear these compression sleeves running or working out and what’s fantastic is that you can just wrap them around your calf and zip or unzip them. You don’t need to remove your footwear because they are quickly wrapped and zipped around your calf.

Now that you know what do calf compression sleeves do for your calves, here is another bonus utility of these zip on sleeves. Combine these compression sleeves calf with the ClayFlex™ gel capsules! You can place these gel capsules into any of its four strategically placed pockets. These gel capsules can be heated/iced as per requirement and provide an efficient icing or heating therapy.

This pack includes:

  • 2 x Zip On Calf Compression Sleeves (Left and Right)

Note: The ClayFlex™ gel capsules are sold separately.


  • It has a peculiar zip/unzip wrap design to facilitate comfortable wearing and removal of the compression sleeves.
  • It is built with a moisture wicking Dri Fit technology to wick away your sweat to the exterior of the sleeve.
  • 4 x pocket system, cleverly designed for the best usage of the ClayFlex™ gel capsules.
  • Multifunctional adaptability ensures the reduction of muscle soreness and inflammation. It also limits muscle vibration and assists in a better workout.


  • If you are wondering which compression sleeves are best for post-operative and day-to-day recovery, then you must opt for Recoverite Zip On Calf Compression Sleeves.
  • Soft tissue injuries and recurring injuries can be treated well with the compression sleeves legs, specifically the calf region.
  • Comfortable to wear, lightweight, and stylish, it can be used by both men and women—standard black color for unisex usage.
  • Promotes oxygen delivery throughout the body and helps you perform a better workout. It helps in staying active and overcoming fatigue.





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