Recoverite Legging Performance Pack - Women
Recoverite starter kit for women
Product description starter kit women leggings
Recoverite Legging Performance Pack - Women

Recoverite Legging Performance Pack - Women

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Ladies, Recoverite Compression Women's Leggings are your perfect workout companion. The mulitfuctional design provides a wide range of potential apliications with a focus on training, recovery and injury management. Recoveite leggings provide a mobile solution to recovery that can help speed up the recovery process.

Combine compression leggings with ClayFlex™ Ice/Heat Packs, and the recovery process is at your fingertips.

The Recoverite Performance Pack includes the components:

  • 1 x Performance Leggings Ladies
  • 2 x ClayFlex™ Ice/Heat Packs (Upper Leg)
  • 2 x ClayFlex™ Ice/Heat Packs (Lower Leg)
  • Insulated carry bag for the ClayFlex™ packs

The ClayFlex™ gel packs are adjustable and can fit into all of the 8 Recoverite leggings' pockets. You can switch them according to the pain area. The ClayFlex™ gel packs can be heated for an assisted warm-up and iced immediately after exercise.


  • Compression Leggings benefits include the Moisture Wicking Dri Fit Technology to keep the leggings dry and a perfect fit waistband to keep you comfortable.
  • ClayFlex™ gel packs can be strategically placed into any of the 8x pockets of the compression leggings.
  • Promotes oxygen delivery and prevents inflammation and soreness throughout the body.
  • The upper leg and lower leg gel packs are designed in a way that will reshape according to the unique forms of your upper and lower legs.
  • Compression Leggings Plus Size for women is also available. Sizes range from XS to XXL.
  • ClayFlex™ can be kept hot/cool on the go with the help of the insulated carry bag that comes in the performance pack.


  • Recoverite compression leggings can help reshape and soothe your muscles and initiate imediate recovery.
  • The composition of the ClayFlex™ gel packs has a unique combination of clay that helps eliminate any muscular pain or trauma.
  • These gel packs can effectively transfer the temperature and allow immediate access of heat/ice to the body for instant recovery.
  • The ClayFlex™ gel packs can retain their temperature for up to 4 hours.
  • With the insulated carry bag, the ClayFlex™ gel packs can retain the temperature on the go as well.


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Welcome to the next level of performance and recovery