Step 1

Static Warmup

Apply the ClayFlex™ heat packs before or during breaks in activity. The use of superficial heat to the knee and hamstring increases the range of motion and blood increasing joint viscosity and joint mobilisation surrounding muscles. A muscle temperature of 38-39 degrees celsius produces a 4-6% increase in maximal dynamic strength to that of normal body temperature!

Step 2

Active Warmup

The wearing of Recoverite prior to intense performance without ice or heat packs will increase the blow flow and muscle support before the intense exercise begins. It will limit muscle oscillation (muscle shock), improve joint awareness as well as assist with oxygen delivery during exercise.

Step 3


You can wear Recoverite during exercise also. This will hugely reduce the risk of injury as well increase your confidence to perform at optimal level and improve your overall performance

Step 4

Active Recovery

Apply the ClayFlex™ ice packs after activity. The use of ice will facilitates immediate recovery and decreases any pain through the reduction reductions in blood flow. The compression combined with reduced activity also helps to remove toxins from the muscles.

Step 5

Static Recovery

The compression will continue to assist blood circulation and remove toxins.

The ClayFlex™ Ice therapy will reduce cell necrosis, slow cell metabolism and nerve conduction, reducing the effect of DOMS and promote a decrease in recovery times of athletes

The ClayFlex™ Heat therapy activates protective mechanisms, reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, and stimulates genes and proteins involved in muscle hypertrophy.