Recoverite Compression Leggings - Women
Recoverite Compression Leggings - Women
Recoverite Compression Leggings - Women
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Recoverite Compression Leggings - Women

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If you are looking for smart gear for your workout, Recoverite Compression Leggings for women are the best choice. These compression leggings with multifunctional adaptability reduce muscle soreness to a great extent.

They are composed of 68% nylon and 32% spandex fabric that help with recovery post your workout sessions.

What’s more, with these compression leggings, women can leverage the advanced ClayFlex™ technology. Recoverite Compression Leggings possess eight smart pockets where you can place the ClayFlex™ gel packs easily.

These ClayFlex™ gel packs can be heated for an assisted warm-up or filled with ice as per your requirement. Compression leggings women’s sale and delivery are applicable worldwide.

Note: The Gel Packs are sold separately.


  • Multifunctional Compression leggings made up of high-quality breathable fabric
  • Dri Fit Technology that absorbs the sweat and wicks it away
  • 8x smart pocket system to place ClayFlex™ gel packs
  • Comfortable and Perfect Fit Waist Band with a Non-Slip Grip
  • Promotes Oxygen Delivery throughout the body
  • Sleek Compression Leggings running from size XS to XXL


  • These stylish leggings are optimized for compression and help in daily recovery.
  • Post-operative recovery is made easy with these multifunctional leggings.
  • Absorbs and wicks away sweat to ensure that you have a comfortable workout
  • The 8x pocket system for ClayFlex™ gel packs reduces the swelling and inflammation caused due to strenuous workouts.
  • It limits muscle oscillation and also the build-up of lactic acid in women.
  • These leggings are designed to help you perform better and excel in sports, running, or workouts
  • Promotes the recovery of recurring soft tissue injuries and helps in overcoming fatigue.



3-5 working days to Australia/New Zealand.

5-10 working days for the rest of the world.



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