Recoverite Legging Performance Pack - Women
Recoverite starter kit for women
Product description starter kit women leggings
Recoverite Legging Performance Pack - Women

Recoverite Legging Performance Pack - Women

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 Ladies, Recoverite Compression Leggings women is your perfect workout companion. These compression leggings with knee pads can help you recover from post-workout muscular pain or trauma.  These compression leggings for running can speed up the recovery process for you with its unique technology.

How do compression leggings work? Use these compression leggings with ClayFlex™ Ice/Heat Packs. Place the ice/heat pack in any of the eight pockets, and initiate the recovery therapy for your muscles.

The Recoverite Performance Pack has the below-mentioned components:

  • 1 x Performance Leggings Ladies
  • 2 x ClayFlex™ Ice/Heat Packs (Upper Leg)
  • 2 x ClayFlex™ Ice/Heat Packs (Lower Leg)
  • Insulated carry bag for the ClayFlex™ packs

The ClayFlex™ gel packs are adjustable and can fit into all of the 8 Recoverite leggings' pockets. You can switch them according to the pain area. The ClayFlex™ gel packs can be heated for an assisted warm-up and iced immediately after exercise.


  • Compression Leggings benefits include the Moisture Wicking Dri Fit Technology to keep the leggings dry and a perfect fit waistband to keep you comfortable.
  • ClayFlex™ gel packs can be strategically placed into any of the 8x pockets of the compression leggings.
  • Promotes oxygen delivery and prevents inflammation and soreness throughout the body.
  • The upper leg and lower leg gel packs are designed in a way that will reshape according to the unique forms of your upper and lower legs.
  • Compression Leggings Plus Size for women is also available. Sizes range from XS to XXL.
  • Your gel packs can be kept hot/cool on the go with the help of the insulated carry bag that comes in the performance pack.


  • These compression leggings running women's preferred companion can help soothe your sore muscles and initiate the recovery process for your legs.
  • The composition of the ClayFlex™ gel packs has a unique combination of clay that helps eliminate any muscular pain or trauma.
  • These gel packs can effectively transfer the temperature and allow immediate access of heat/ice to the body for instant recovery.
  • The ClayFlex™ gel packs can retain their temperature for up to 4 hours.
  • With the insulated carry bag, the ClayFlex™ gel packs can retain the temperature on the go as well.



3-5 working days to Australia/New Zealand.

5-10 working days for the rest of the world.



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